Hayato Hori (HOLHY) I was born in Ishikawa jp 1983.  Most important things of my painting is only three words that  ,Infiniteness Mysterious ,Historical. Basically making new style is that learning about past,developing old style.so It evokes deeper mind from history. My style is mixed Calligraphy ,Graffiti, and Japanese traditional painting style . when I was a child, Sunshine, beautiful flower, sea, lake, tree, forest, snow, rain …. All of nature had a huge infruence over me. At the same time, I loved skateboard, streetart, basketball, graffiti, American pop culture and so many japanese traditional crafts. This is my style of painting and Now my inspiration is pure and pure act . So I will try to give expression to my feeling as a japanese artist.   堀 隼人 (HOLi HaYato) 日本国石川県小松市出身、1983年生まれ。取手アトリエデザイン科、武蔵野森美術学園絵画科卒業。日本の古典美術からストリートアート、スケートボードカルチャーや日々感じる地球の自然など、様々なものに影響を受け、独学で活動。「循環」「神秘」「温故知新」をテーマに、現代日本人として、和と洋、デザインと絵画の再構築を描く。   Biography Selected Solo Exhibitions 2016 Return in red /compound gallery/portland Oregon U.S.A. /2014 GROW / playheads/vancouver. BC Canada 2013 KEEP ON /NOS Ebisu /Ebisu Tokyo Japan 2013 Over the rainbow / Hatos bar/Tokyo.Japan 2012  No title /Gallery Amp/Tokyo.japan 2011  On The Line Of The Daily Life /Gallery Amp / Tokyo.Japan 2010  Lily  / TULLY’s COFFEE /Chiba.Japan 2009  Grow mind  / TULLY’s COFFEE Chiba.Japan 2008  Go as a flow / TULLY’s COFFEE /Chiba.Japan Selected Group Exhibitions 2013 Abiko international open air Exhibition /Fusa shiminnomori park /Chiba.Japan 2012 OFF THE WALL /pink cow roppongi/Tokyo.Japan 2007  XYZ vol.2 /Gallery Le deco /Tokyo.Japan 2006 XYZ /Gallery Le deco /Tokyo.Japan Education 2005 Musashino art school  /Tokyo, Japan